Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Venice

Venice is one of those locations that inspires passion, love, and life. The breathtaking views of the canals, and Italian culture make the destination truly memorable. Whether you have never been to Venice before or have fallen in love with the city and want to start a new life with someone special, the city’s atmosphere is definitely a perfect fit for such ceremonies. Be sure to follow these tips to so your destination wedding in Venice is everything you dreamed of and more.

When To Start Planning

Venice is a popular place to get married. For example, if you want to have the ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli, you need to register a year in advance (and registrations for the upcoming year open in November. Be sure to make all reservations at least a year prior to the date so you can get the time and day that you want.

Destination weddings in Venice can be of any denomination. Religious ceremonies are welcome in the churches and event halls around the island. This means you can be like the Clooney couple and have a reception that overlooks the Grand Canal, or you can choose an exquisite Venetian church for the location. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from sealing your marriage with a kiss while riding in a gondola, either. If you’re having a hard time considering where to take pictures in Venice, check out some of the recommendations below.

When To Go

The best time to have a picture perfect wedding is Venice is off-season. Most the tourists will empty out of the city after summertime ends, bringing forth tranquility to the canals and much more reasonable hotel rates. The downside is that the temperatures can drastically dip. In September, the average temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and dropping to 55 degrees in the evening. If you wait a little later, like November, expect daytime temperatures to run around 50 degrees, with nighttime running in the mid-30s.

Where To Take Photographs

Choosing the right backdrop for your Venice wedding can be challenging, because there’s so many lovely scenes unfolding around you every single second. Here are some of the best ideas to ask your wedding photographer about:

  1. Pictures on or near a gondola – whether you are drifting beneath canals, framed by the mind-blowing architecture of the wider river ways, or merely admiring the beauty of these boats, the gondola should appear in several shots.
  2. At the venue – hotels, town squares, churches—a professional wedding photographer can capture the special elements of these places.
  3. Bridges – Venice has about as many bridges as it does canals, and if you go off season, these picturesque arches become the ideal location for more intimate shots.
  4. Doges Palace – arches, lamps, stunning architecture
  5. Riva degli Schiavoni – ask the photographer where you can find the best sunsets. You won’t regret it.
  6. Piazza San Marco – though this square is bustling day and night, a talented photographer will take that energy and incorporate it into breathtaking photographs.

Having a marriage ceremony in Venice is definitely doable. Go during the off-season for lower prices and less crowds, hire a professional wedding photographer, and enjoy the liveliness of the city. Every moment will be captured on film; and these moments will be shared well into the future.


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