Giajane, Allison Park, USA


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24 years old, Cancer, Straight

Allison Park, USA

Hay sexy baby, i am alone at my home if you interested date with me without condom and pick up hotel room or any please ans me here 814 3647478, only phone chat, more information, and more sexy pictures

I am looking for

Wish to meet:
— Man
Preferred age:
— 18-20
— 21-25
— 26-30
— 31-35
— 36-40
Purpose of dating:
— Friendship
— Flirt

About me

No, I am single
Drink on holidays
Languages spoken:
— English
Place of residence:
Live in a rented apartment

Preferences in sex

What excites me:
— Clothes
— Smell
— Massage
How often I would like to make sex:
At least one time a day
Kind of sex I like:
— Classical sex
— Virtual sex
— Oral sex
Finance support:
I am looking for a sponsor
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