Natalia, Boyarka, Ukraine


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41 years old, Capricorn, Straight

Boyarka, Ukraine

You know, I have long decided to be happy! I need such a relationship that I and my future man would be happy every day, not in the rare moments of this life .... So that our feelings did not die out for a day! A happy family is a job! Work for both of us, not one .... Like every person I have my disadvantage! I do not want to hide it! Unpredictability is my second name! Today I want a quiet home evening, and tomorrow dinner at the ocean with delicious dishes! The only thing I'm 100% sure about is that I'm ready for the family! If I made a choice - I will never betray!!

I am looking for

Wish to meet:
— Man
Preferred age:
— 41-50
— 51-60
Purpose of dating:
— Friendship
— Flirt
Whom I want to find:
There are no special criteria! If you both feel sympathy for each other - what barriers can there be? I've never been afraid to make difficult decisions! Choosing between "YES" and "NO", I will choose "YES"! It's better than regretting that I have not tried it! I want to be chosen without a doubt! Everyone is looking for an "ideal", but everyone has his own! Every person has some special requirements and that's normal! I have one weakness, I will not say about it here ... About this only personally!)

About me

White / Caucasian
5,6 ft (169-171 cm)
40-50 kg
Marital Status:
Languages spoken:
— English
— Russian
Yes, we live together
Place of residence:
Live alone in my house
fitness trainer, fitness model

Preferences in sex

What excites me:
— Clothes
— Smell
— Massage
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