Emmanuel, Sydney, Australia


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32 years old, Pisces, Lesbian / Gay

Sydney, Australia

Hello Beautiful Barbies. I’m a single man with a great heart available. We still exist out there , you just have to catch yours. What you see is what you’ll physically meet, photos are  real . I come from a woman of good manners. I’m old fashion. Ive learned not to discriminate a woman of any kind, ethnicity, color , hight, size, appearance, ect you name it . No time for that. Ohh , no offense but BLONDS are my weakness  ‍ And please don’t come up with that bullshet of 1)”If im real, reply back at my email” 2)”how long I’ve been here” 3)”what I’m i looking for on this cite” 4)”Such shet as google numbers “ 5) You’ll be block & reported Please don’t waist your time nor mine. Thank you for taking your time & hope you like what you read & see. God bless you girls & good luck to you all 

Ready to travel

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I am looking for

Wish to meet:
— Woman
Preferred age:
— 21-25
— 26-30
— 31-35
Purpose of dating:
— Flirt
— Family

About me

5,9 ft (179-181 cm)
71-80 kg
Hair length:
Marital Status:
I am Single
Drink on holidays
High level
Languages spoken:
— English
— Spanish
— Italian
No, but I want
Place of residence:
Live alone in my house

Preferences in sex

What excites me:
— Clothes
— Smell
— Massage
— Photo and video
How often I would like to make sex:
Several times a day
Kind of sex I like:
— Classical sex
— Virtual sex
— Oral sex
Finance support:
I am ready to be a sponsor
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Davide 26,
Afragola, Italy
22nd January 2019

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  • Elisa

    11th December 2018 4:18 pm

    Nice looking and a lovely smile Read

  • Jay

    2nd November 2018 2:48 am

    Hello I'm Catherine Garang i got your profile today, i am looking for a trustworthy honest and caring someone for a cordial relationship, Please,can you write me on, ( garangcatherine@gmail.com ) for more introduction and my pictures . Best regard! Catherine.... Read

  • Alan

    3rd October 2018 2:28 pm

    So handsome Read

  • May

    3rd October 2018 2:56 am

    so nice and cute, can we talk in inbox? Read

  • Kat

    3rd October 2018 2:55 am

    nice,nice, very nice Read

  • Angel

    3rd October 2018 2:54 am

    so beautiful... Read